Reclaim Your Smile in a Day

One of oral surgery’s newest and most successful implant procedures is the  All-on-4® concept for dental implant placement.

How Previous Methods Compare

Before the introduction of the revolutionary  All-on-4® implant procedure, patients with multiple missing teeth were often supplied relatively limited solutions. If they chose to use removable dentures, they would have to face the inherent hassle and inconvenience associated with this type of prosthetic device. With the advent of permanent dental implants came the ability to replace missing teeth with a secure, natural-looking prosthetic tooth that was rooted to the jaw itself. Even with the support of advanced oral surgery technology, the traditional implant procedure often required multiple visits over the course of many weeks or even months while the jaw tissue healed and implant materials were crafted.

Why One Day Implants?

For many patients who needed to have their teeth replaced, the procedure involved multiple steps forcing them to continue to wear a removable conventional denture while they waited. Some required additional procedures such as multiple bone grafts delaying the final restoration further.

The All-on-4® technique involves the placement of four primary implants made of titanium and a prosthetic bridge that helps the surgeon to use existing jaw bone when securing the replacement teeth. The four titanium posts are secured within the jaw and serve as pillars for the bridge of permanent teeth when they are placed. The entire procedure requires only one visit and patients are generally able to continue with their normal daily routine within two to three days.

Advantages of the Teeth in a Day Procedure

There are innumerable benefits associated with undergoing this procedure, though one of the most attractive elements revolves around convenience and comfort. The procedure itself may take as little as three to four hours, depending on the patient’s individual circumstances. Frequently cited advantages of the All-on-4® method include the following:

  •  Replacement teeth look and feel like real, natural teeth
  •  One day visit allows for treatment, even for patients with busy schedules
  •  Many patients experienced less bruising and decreased discomfort following surgery
  •  Ability to return to normal activities more quickly after the procedure

Taking Charge of Your Oral Health

Millions of patients suffer from missing teeth, whether due to disease, injury, age or poor oral hygiene. The full replacement of missing teeth in a single day allows men and women to regain a positive sense of self-image and improve oral health without sacrificing weeks and months to the cause. Now it is possible for you to reclaim your smile and your confidence with just one visit to your oral surgeon with the use of the advanced All-on-4® implant concept.

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