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What is TADs? Understanding Evolving Orthodontic Therapy

Over the past ten years, technological advances in the fields of oral surgery and orthodontics have made it possible for more patients than ever before to receive effective, minimally invasive dental treatment. In fact, the trained professionals in these fields have access to more progressive instruments and treatment methods today than they did even five years ago. One of […]

Face and Jaw Surgery Center Volunteers Dental Care to Children in Standing Rock

FORT YATES, NORTH DAKOTA (October 17, 2013) — Standing Rock Pediatric Dental Days, a two-day endeavor to offer much-needed oral health services to children in the area, saw great success over the weekend with the collaboration of dozens of dental care professionals and volunteers. Held at the Prairie Knights Resort in Fort Yates, the event […]

Reclaim Your Smile in a Day

One of oral surgery’s newest and most successful implant procedures is the  All-on-4® concept for dental implant placement. How Previous Methods Compare Before the introduction of the revolutionary  All-on-4® implant procedure, patients with multiple missing teeth were often supplied relatively limited solutions. If they chose to use removable dentures, they would have to face the inherent […]