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Important Aftercare Information for Oral Surgery Patients

Following any type of oral surgery, patients must adhere strictly to a specific aftercare regimen in order to avoid complications and to decrease recovery time. Because each case is different and every patient has a different tolerance for discomfort after surgery, the following is intended solely as a set of guidelines for oral surgery patients. If, […]

What To Do in the Case of Sudden Oral or Facial Injury

Facial and oral trauma incidents are some of the most common and most serious external injuries sustained, largely due to their proximity to the brain, brain stem and spinal cord, as well as to the immense concentration of nerve endings in the mouth and face. In the case of sudden oral or facial injury, it […]

What is Orofacial Pain and How is it Treated?

What is Orofacial Pain? Orofacial pain refers to a variety of unpleasant physical sensations involving the muscles, bones or joints of the face and mouth. Common symptoms of orofacial pain include, but are not limited to, a dull or sharp pain around or behind the eyes, a nearly constant ache deep in the jaw; clicking or […]