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Surgery Following Oral Cancer

Most oral cancer cases require some form of surgery before radioactive treatment may be administered. This primary surgery may involve the removal of a portion of the tongue, the inner part of the cheek, the mouth floor or, in particularly advanced scenarios, a portion of the mandible (lower jaw). Reconstructive Surgery After Cancer Removal Reconstructive […]

Most People Brush Teeth Improperly: Facts and Consequences

Though research has shown that the majority of Americans do brush their teeth on a regular basis, or, in other words, twice per day, it has recently become clear that only one in ten of these individuals does so properly as is recommended by the American Dental Association. When it comes to rising numbers in […]

Malocclusion: Explanation and Treatment

Occlusion is the word that dental professionals use to describe the alignment of teeth and the manner in which the upper and lower jaws fit together. In an ideal occlusion, or bite, all teeth of the upper jaw would fit just barely over those of the lower jaw. However, an occlusion is not often perfect […]

Oral and Periodontal Surgery for Receding Gums

 Gum recession is one of the most common dental issues cited by patients 40 and older, though the condition may present itself as early as the teen years. Fortunately, receding gums are relatively easy to prevent and treat with a variety of oral and periodontal surgeries and related procedures. What is Gum Recession? Gum recession, […]