Why Should I Choose Dental Implants Instead of Dentures?

Why Might Dentures Not Be For You?

Dentures, if not fitted properly or completely adhered, can slip around inside your mouth. This is not only uncomfortable, but can prove to be inconvenient during everyday activities (such as eating and talking). People who wear dentures must also restrict their diet to foods that will not cause their dentures to slide, dislodge, break or chip.

Speech can also be affected over time by wearing dentures. As the jaw bone and gums decrease in size over time, the dentures that were sized to fit before begin to move around more frequently. This can cause the formation of sores and irritation that make it difficult to form words properly.

Dental implants can be a great alternative to dentures. They are permanent, can be done for one tooth or all, and  look and feel the same way as your natural teeth would. Dentures, on the other hand, are removable, can be slightly to severely uncomfortable and impede in regular daily activities.

Why Should You Choose Implants Instead of Dentures?

Dental implants have quickly become a popular and practical way for patients to address the issue of missing teeth, whether it be a matter of one or two here and there or a full set that needs to be replaced. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to these missing teeth, as they are anchored directly to the jawbone. They look and feel like your natural teeth, allowing you to engage in the everyday activities that may have been limited by the use of removable dentures or bridges.

While daily care for dentures quickly becomes tedious and requires the use of specialty creams and rinses, dental implants can be cleaned in the same way that your natural teeth are cleaned. Simple brushing, flossing and routine dental checkups are all that are required in order to ensure that your implants remain looking and feeling like new.

If the bones within your jaws are strong and your gums are healthy but you are missing one or more teeth, you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants. A single implant is able to support one or more replacement teeth. If all of the teeth in the jaw are replaced with false teeth, the dentist will usually place between four and six implants. Depending on the location of the teeth that need to be replaced and your individual situation, your dentist will decide which implant solution is best for you.


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