Ridge Expansion for Dental Implants

The ridge bone is a special type of bone surrounding and supporting your teeth. As soon as a tooth is removed, this bone begins to deteriorate. The ridge bone can also lose density due to breakdown from age or disease. This kind of atrophy can happen in two dimensions. The first is loss of horizontal width caused by the collapse of bone surrounding the socket. The remaining ridge narrows and no longer allows room for an implant. The second is a loss of vertical bone height, which can also make it impossible to safely and securely place dental implants in the affected area. The ridge bone must be augmented in order to add enough height and horizontal width to fit dental implants.

Ridge expansion is a procedure that can be performed when the jaw is not wide enough to support implants. In this procedure, the ridge bone is divided and the inner and outer segments of bone are wedged apart. This creates a space between the divided sections of bone that can be filled with bone graft. The oral surgeon uses special instruments in order to perform the ridge expansion. Depending on the situation, simultaneous dental implants may be achieved during ridge expansion.

The most common way to expand the ridge is by use of surgical tools called osteotomes. Osteotomes are flat and cylindrical, stainless steel tools of various sizes. They are used to laterally compact the bone and expand the ridge for implant placement.

At Face and Jaw Surgery Center our experienced oral surgeons will discuss the ridge expansion procedure with you, along with other effective treatment options for bone deterioration. Our surgeons are highly experienced and work hard to ensure maximum safety and comfort for our patients. 

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