The Importance of Posterior Tooth Replacement

Missing front teeth are highly noticeable when a person talks or smiles, so their replacement is typically considered a high priority. The aesthetic drawbacks of the gaps in a smile can cause a considerable decrease in self-esteem and major self-image problems. Posterior teeth, or the teeth located in the back of the mouth, are not generally visible when an individual speaks, smiles or laughs. This leads many people to believe that waiting to replace them or avoiding replacement altogether is acceptable. On the contrary, failure to replace posterior teeth can lead to a number of serious issues that can affect both your daily life and your future.

Health Issues

When any tooth is dislodged or extracted, the hole that remains in its place leaves the gum tissue there more susceptible to disease and deterioration. This can spread to other healthy teeth in the area, causing even more potential problems like advanced periodontitis. Depending on the severity of the disease or tissue degeneration, surgical procedures may be the only measures effective in fighting further damage.

Other problems that directly affect your health in the event of missing posterior teeth include the following:

  • Inability to chew certain foods, leading to unhealthy dietary restrictions
  • Chronic pain in the extraction site if food particles or debris become lodged there
  • Drifting or rotation of healthy teeth surrounding the remaining hole
  • Loss of jaw bone material in the area
  • Excessive or uneven wear of other teeth
  • Potential development of TMJ (temporomandibular joints) disorders

Aesthetic Importance

Many people figure that if the holes left by their missing teeth in the back aren’t visible to the people around them, they don’t need to be replaced. In addition to all of the other important reasons to replace missing posterior teeth, it is worth noting that their absence can, in fact, affect your outwardly appearance. The loss of teeth and supporting bone material in the back of the mouth can lead to a weak-looking jaw line and actually alter facial height in general. As the patient ages, the problem only continues to grow worse over the years.

Remedying the Problem

Fortunately for people who have suffered the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth in the back of the mouth, dental implant technology offers the opportunity to correct the issue relatively quickly and easily. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will assess the affected area and any damage that has been sustained, then develop a treatment plan involving prosthetic devices tailored to your individual needs.

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