What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Maxillofacial surgery focuses on problems concerning the mouth, jaw, face and neck. A dentist or orthodontist may refer a patient to a maxillofacial surgeon if an issue with the mouth is too difficult to correct with dental procedures alone. There are many reasons for maxillofacial surgery such as overbites, underbites, jaw asymmetry and other jaw deformities and diseases. Surgery can be performed to improve the health of the patient or as a cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance or symmetry of the face.

Doctors who decide to pursue a career in maxillofacial surgery must be educated extensively in dentistry and dental surgery as well as maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial surgery can involve complex reconstruction of the face and jaw and involves important nerves which run through the face.  The surgeons at Face and Jaw Surgery Center in North Dakota offer several maxillofacial surgical procedures such as:

  • Orthognathic surgery – This type of surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face related to structure, growth, deformities and orthodontic problems. Overbites, underbites  and misaligned jaws are the most common reasons for orthognathic surgery.
  • Distraction osteogenesis – This is a surgical technique in which new bone formation is stimulated by the gradual separation of bony segments after an osteotomy. An osteotomy is an operation that cuts the bone to shorten, lengthen or change its alignment. A greater degree of bone lengthening can be gained with distraction osteogenesis than by conventional surgery.
  • Bone grafting – This procedure involves replacement or augmentation of the part of the jaw which provides anchoring support for the teeth. Bone grafting is performed when the jawbone becomes deteriorated or damaged due to medical conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth loss.
  • Nerve repositioning – The inferior alveolar nerve, which gives feeling to the lower lip and chin, may need to be moved or repositioned in order to allow room for implants in the lower jaw. The need for nerve repositioning usually results from jawbone deterioration and the need for more height for dental implants.
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate surgery –Cleft lip and cleft palate are deformities which consist of a split in the lip or mouth caused by incomplete development during fetal formation. Surgical treatment can restore healthy function and normal appearance to the lip and palate.
  • Sinus lift –This surgery will add bone to the upper jaw in order to make more room between the sinus cavity and the upper jaw bone to allow for dental implants.

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